How to be a little more eco-friendly in a new hotel in Vancouver

How to be a little more eco-friendly in a new hotel in Vancouver

The hotel at the heart of the city’s newest skyscraper is named after the Pacific Northwest, and that’s a great way to get a feel for how much this city is changing.

Here’s a guide to how the new hotel is doing on its own terms.

(Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post)The building’s interior is designed to be more environmentally friendly than the original, with a carbon-neutral design and more wood and recycled materials.

It also includes a laundry room, a kitchen, a gym and a sauna.

“It is a very small space, but it’s very big and very clean,” said Mark Rieder, a project manager at the city-owned hotel who is responsible for the design.

“I think that is a key thing.”

Rieder said the new design has a large open plan with an open floor plan, and the spaces are separated from the main building by a glass wall.

A glass curtain separates the lobby and the reception area.

The hotel has a small patio and garden with views of the ocean and downtown Washington.

The new hotel opened in mid-November and is scheduled to open to guests in March.

The first four months of the hotel’s stay are expected to be spent cleaning and rehabilitating the building.

Rieders said the building is already starting to look like a modern, eco-inspired hotel.

A new logo was introduced this week.

The city-appointed logo will be a black-and-white image of a sunflower, surrounded by the word “New.”

Rieds said the hotel is also taking a cue from other cities that have been embracing a more eco friendly image.

For example, London’s City Hall has a new green logo that incorporates the sunflower.

The logo was unveiled in August, and it’s now on display in the lobby.

A similar logo is used in Dubai, where the hotel opened a new eco-design district, where green buildings have replaced red buildings.

In Washington, there’s also a new logo, designed by New York-based graphic design firm Gagosian.

The new logo is a black and white image of the sun.

The image will be used to promote the hotel.

“I think it’s the right approach,” said Mayor Ed Murray.

“This is a city that’s going through its biggest transformation in decades, and we have an opportunity to look at all the different ways that we can change the image of this city.”

The new logo features the sunflowers in an array around a red-and green “sun.”

Rierer said the image helps the hotel “make sense of this transformation.”

“There’s a lot of people who are trying to say that the sun is not a symbol of this beautiful city, that it’s not the city that we’ve known for the last two and a half centuries,” Riedger said.

“But I think that it really does reflect that the city is on the right track and is moving forward.”

The building is slated to open in March, and Riederer said he expects the hotel to be the city leader in eco-friendliness.

Rieders plans to create an office space for staff.

There will also be a green space with a small garden.

He said the first couple of months of stay are scheduled to be occupied by cleaning and repairing the hotel, and he expects to finish the renovation by the end of March.

He says the hotel has already saved more than $1 million in cleaning costs and $1.2 million in water use.

Rierer expects the new lobby will be “a really exciting place for the city to be.”

The hotel is “probably going to be one of the first buildings we look at in the city,” he said.


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