How to Find a Great Apartment in the Northern California Desert

How to Find a Great Apartment in the Northern California Desert

In the mountains of Northern California, north of the San Francisco Bay, there are a few apartments that you can rent for less than the average price of a San Francisco apartment.

These are the best apartments in the area.

They are in remote areas of the area that aren’t accessible to the public, so you can get a taste for the area before you move in.

I’ve included a few of these apartments in this post, but you can check out my complete list of all the best Northwood apartments in North California here.

Below are some of the best properties in the Santa Barbara Mountains, and they can be rented for as little as $1,200 per month.

Northwood Apartments: 1.

2 Northwood Towers 2 Northwoods Towers, Northwoods, CA 91705 (2,000 sqft, $1.4M)This is one of the largest single-family homes in the Northwood area.

The house is located in a very quiet, residential neighborhood.

It is located near two large waterfalls and a golf course.

There are two separate bedrooms, a shared living room, and two bathrooms.

There is a huge garage on the ground floor.

It has a private balcony.

The home has a lot of storage, and is well kept.

Northwoods Tower Apartments are in the town of Northwoods that is just a few miles from the San Fernando Valley, and you can take a ride to the waterfalls, the golf course, and the ocean for $2,400 per month (plus a $250 parking fee).

There is no Internet in Northwoods.

There’s a nice view of the city from the tower, but not in the city center.

There may be a restaurant nearby on the street, but it is very limited in its menu.

North Woods Tower Apartions has an amazing patio with beautiful views.

There have been several upgrades to the property recently, and a new roof is on the way.

There also has been an improvement to the elevator, which was recently upgraded to make it more convenient for tenants.

You can get in and out of the building for $1 per day and $3 per night, plus a $100 deposit.

The Northwoods tower is in a neighborhood where it is easy to get lost.

The property has an excellent view of downtown San Francisco.

The apartment is located right on the river and a little bit off the freeway.

North Towers Apartments has a great location in the downtown area, but the apartment does not have the privacy you’d expect in a downtown apartment.

The two-story building has two bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

It also has an attached garage.

There will be a parking garage next door, but no outside access to the building.

NorthWood Towers Apartions is just two blocks from the Northwoods Golf Course and just a short walk from a public bike trail.

They have a shared kitchen and kitchenettes with hot tubs, so this is a great place to rent a place to stay.

NorthWOOD Towers Apartements is located at 2 North Woods Towers, 2 North Towers, California 91708 (2.2 million sqft), which is one mile west of the North Woods Golf Course.

North Hills Apartments is a more upscale location, and it’s in a larger neighborhood that is also about half a mile from the golf courses.

This is a good option for renters in the middle of nowhere.

The building is in the historic North Hills neighborhood of Santa Barbara, but there are also plenty of other properties in Santa Barbara County that are just a bit closer to the golf and waterfalls.

It’s also in a quiet residential area.

NorthHills Apartments have a large two-bedroom apartment, and there is a shared master bedroom with a private bathroom.

There was a $200 fee for parking, and Northwoods has also installed a solar-powered roof.

Northhills is also close to the North Hills Golf Course, which has a few great amenities.

There isn’t a lot to do in Santa Cruz, but Northwood is close enough that you might want to stop by their property for a quick bite to eat and a drink.

There has also been an upgrade to the kitchen, so it’s more convenient to rent for a little while.

Northhill Apartments, located at 1224 Westwood Blvd., Santa Cruz CA 95125 (3,500 sqft)The property is in Santa Rosa, just outside of Santa Cruz.

It was the first of the new Northwood Tower apartments in Santa Maria to open in August, and I have to say, they are very good.

There really is no way to tell how good a new Northwoods building is until you get into the property, and this one definitely qualifies as one of Santa Rosa’s best.

This unit has an awesome patio and a gorgeous view of Santa Clara Valley.

It doesn’t have any internet in the unit, so there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use the internet to find a connection to the


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