How to find a new place to live

How to find a new place to live

From the beach to the train station to the office, there’s plenty of options for living near the water.

But what if you’ve got to find your way around a city?

Here are some of the best apartments in Seattle, and which ones are located on the edge of the city.

• Woodridge apartment building on the coast of Seattle: Located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, this wood-frame building is perfect for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle.

The building has three floors and an expansive outdoor courtyard, but its exterior is almost entirely made up of glass.

The two-bedroom apartment has four bedrooms, a kitchenette and a bath.

• The King’s Place apartment: The first building in this list is located on King’s Island, the western end of Seattle.

Built in 1889, it’s an historic and eclectic building that features a two-story, glass-walled building with an open kitchenette, a bar, and two large bedrooms.

The property was acquired by the Seattle Public Library in 2016, and has since been converted into a community center.

• Greenfield apartment: Built in 1910 and now known as the King’s View Apartments, this is the oldest apartment building in Seattle.

Located at the northwest corner of South King Street and East Lake Avenue, the building features a courtyard and a large outdoor living room.

It also has two bedrooms and a shared kitchenette.

• North Point apartment: A popular spot for locals to escape the city and go sightseeing, this five-story apartment building is a must-see for those looking to escape to a new city.

The complex features two floors, a balcony and a balcony deck.

• South Shore apartment: An updated version of the original Greenfield, this apartment building located on Westlake Avenue is a nice mix of modern and traditional.

The five-storey building is decorated with Japanese-style murals and features a balcony overlooking the city’s skyline.

• Mountlake Terrace apartment: Designed in 1892 by the same architect as the Greenfield and Mountlake, this four-story building has an outdoor patio, a wood-paneled roof and a glass-enclosed courtyard.

The buildings features a central lobby and a central courtyard.

• Ballard apartment: Located at 5th and Pine streets, this high-rise apartment building features two story ceilings, a rooftop deck and outdoor terraces.

It’s also an ideal location for a family outing.

• Beacon Hill apartment: This three-story tower in Beacon Hill is a popular destination for families looking for a new location for their families.

Built from 1894 to 1920, this building has a stone-built facade, and a two story, glass rooftop deck overlooking the river.

• Pacific Northwest Building: The original building on South Broadway is one of Seattle’s most popular places to live, with more than 2,000 units.

Located just west of the new Westlake Mall, the Pacific Northwest building is built on a mix of single- and double-storeys, and features three stories.

• King’s Landing apartment: King’s landing is one the best areas of the City to live in Seattle for a first-time owner looking to rent out a condo.

Built around 1891, this complex features a five-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment and a five story, two-bath basement.

• Westlake apartment: One of the more modern buildings in the Westlake neighborhood, this new building in Westlake offers a lot of room for people to live together and enjoy the sun.

The four-floor building has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and two shared kitchens.

• Pike Place Market apartment: Although it’s not technically on the Westside, the Pike Place Marketplace apartment building offers a unique location for first-timers looking to stay in the heart of Seattle and stay in a safe neighborhood.

The three-storeytel building is one floor and features two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage.

• Sea-Tac apartment: While this building may not be as expensive as the others on this list, its location on the North Shore is one that’s definitely worth considering.

The 12-story Sea-tac apartment building has two floors and a rooftop terrace, and it’s surrounded by the city on all sides.

• Puyallup apartment: For anyone looking to move out of Seattle, this two-storeyr apartment building was the perfect spot for you.

Designed in 1912, this luxury apartment complex is on Puyalup Street, across from Pike Place Mall.

The apartments come with two levels and include a rooftop patio, deck, and terrace.

• Belltown apartment: Originally designed as a train station, this tower is now home to two high-rises.

Located in the former Pearl District of Seattle near the South Lake Union Station, the Belltown tower features three floors with a rooftop and a bar and kitchen.

• Eastside


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