Houston apartments with the lowest rents

Houston apartments with the lowest rents

In the past year, the average Houston apartment rents have increased by more than 8%.

But it isn’t just the rent increases that are having an effect on Houston apartment owners.

Many renters are struggling to pay for their utilities, which has prompted the city to impose a moratorium on the use of gas and electric meters.

According to the Houston Water and Sewer District, water usage is up 2% this year compared to the same time last year, and that is due to the surge in demand for the city’s water.

This year, there is also the issue of lead exposure, which is a problem in many parts of the city.

The city has ordered a $15 million fund to help with the lead contamination issue.

With all of the recent changes, there are many Houstonians that feel as though they are stuck in a cycle of rent hikes and water cuts.

“People are struggling,” said Ashley Kostka, who has lived in her apartment in the city for five years.

But she doesn’t think it’s a lack of housing that is causing people to feel that way.

“I feel like Houston is a great place, I don’t feel as if there is a need for me to move,” she said.

Kostka’s apartment is just one example of what is happening in Houston.

In the past month, more than 10,000 apartments have been sold for less than $1 million, according to the city of Houston.

The average price of a single-family home in Houston is $939,000, according a report by RealtyTrac.

Even with the new rules, there has been a drop in new units in the last month, which means that more than two-thirds of new homes in Houston have sold in the past 12 months, according the report.

A few weeks ago, the city announced that the new “living wage” of $15 per hour would be fully implemented beginning March 15.

That’s in addition to a $10 increase in the minimum wage for low-wage workers.


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