How to get a $300,000 apartment for less than $1,000

How to get a $300,000 apartment for less than $1,000

A $300k apartment in downtown New Orleans for less that $1M is not all that different from the other apartments in the neighborhood, says real estate attorney Michael Sacks.

“You have a few small differences, but nothing you can’t deal with,” he says.

That’s because a lot of what you’ll need for the $300K apartment is already in place for you and a few friends.

Here are a few common factors to consider: The size of the apartment.

The larger the apartment, the more you’ll want to keep a few things like TVs, furniture, and appliances, but not the whole suite.

The price.

The smaller the apartment the less it will cost, but the bigger the unit, the less you’ll have to spend on rent, utilities, and other expenses.

The size and type of furniture.

As you get closer to the top of the block, you’ll find a few apartment buildings that are a bit more expensive, but a couple of years ago you might have seen one that was closer to a townhouse than a studio or one with an attached kitchen.

The furniture you might want for your space is also going to vary, depending on the type of space you’re planning on using.

Sacks says you’ll probably want to stick with a few basic items, such as a sofa, a bed, and a table.

But it’s a good idea to have at least a few more basic items you might need for an office or living room, such a desk, a chair, and perhaps a desk lamp, he says, but don’t need a lot.

He says you should have an empty, hard-to-find, and inexpensive sofa for that office, but that if you don’t you might not have a good place to put it in.

And of course you should also have an extra set of furniture you can borrow or rent for the space you live in.

But that doesn’t mean you need to buy an entire home.

“If you have a smaller apartment, you don


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