How to Make an Apartment: Jacksonville

How to Make an Apartment: Jacksonville

By Emily Gershwin and David FrawleyThe meadows apartment on the south side of Jacksonburg is a one-bedroom apartment.

The house was built in 1911, and its original owner had the original roof blown down.

The exterior was still intact, but the foundation was gone.

That’s where we come in.

The foundation was cracked, so the house was filled with earth.

It was not a cheap project, but a lot of people did it.

In fact, it’s not unusual to see someone with a big stack of rubble and dirt, shovel it in the backyard, and fill in the hole with soil and clay.

That is exactly what we did.

The whole foundation was put back together again, but this time, we dug a hole deeper, built a new roof, and put in a garage door to keep the dust and debris out.

We also put a new deck over the old house, so that it can be moved from the backyard to a new location.

We bought this house in 2011.

We lived in it for five years before moving to a larger house.

It’s been a great, beautiful house, with beautiful windows, a fantastic deck, and a nice kitchen.

The two bedrooms are nice and big.

But what we really love about this house is the yard.

It is a lovely, beautiful piece of land, with lots of green space and plenty of trees to keep out the dirt.

It has been beautiful for us all these years, and we think we’ve got an amazing home that’s going to last for a long time.

The meadow apartment is a two-bedroom house.

There are two bedrooms, and it’s located in the northwest corner of the house.

We got it at a bargain price: $3,000.

The backyard is a three-bedroom home.

It originally was built by a family who lived in a house on the meadow.

It sits in a little pocket of land and has a great view.

This house has been a beautiful addition to the property, and has really made our neighborhood a little bit more livable.

It also serves as a good place to go for the weekend, when you can stroll along the river and enjoy a picnic or a swim in the nearby lagoon.

The backyard has lots of space for kids to play in, and they get to enjoy the water here.

We started with a few trees that were in good shape.

We cut down some trees to get the foundation in shape, and then we got a lot more for the backyard.

There were two trees that had a couple of years of work done, and now we’re in a good spot with the foundation, but it’s important to be mindful of what you put down there.

It could become a permanent problem down the road, so it’s better to have some protection there.

The original house was pretty old, but when we moved into the house, we added a new front porch.

The old one was built into the hillside, and the new one was more of a hillside.

The original house is on the north side of the meadows, so there’s some good space in front of it.

We didn’t want to get too high, but we needed to be on the hill, so we took a bunch of extra trees down and added a nice, wide path down to the meows.

The back porch is a nice feature for a front porch, especially if you have children.

We’ve been to a lot in Jackson, and this is a great spot for them to sit and have fun.

The porch is just over a foot in width, and there’s plenty of space to run around in and take a walk.

It can also be used as a patio, and that’s why we have it there.

We’re currently looking to buy more trees for the mezzanine, which sits in the north corner of our house.

The new house is a good, nice addition to our property, but I’m happy to have this nice back porch on the property.

It keeps the rain out, it provides a lot for the yard, and I’m sure it will do the same for the children.


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