What You Need to Know About Bella Vista Apartments, The Miami Apartments And More in Miami

What You Need to Know About Bella Vista Apartments, The Miami Apartments And More in Miami

Miami’s newest luxury apartment community, Bella Vista, has received more than 10,000 applications for new leases.

The project was approved by the city and the developer is seeking $1.4 million in incentives.

The developers plan to build 656 units with about 2,500 more on the way.

The condos will be built at a height of 936 feet, the developer said.

The property will be divided into three buildings: The first, located in the former U.S. Cellular building, will include three towers with 300 units each.

The other two towers will be called the Villa and the Plaza, each offering a 400- to 600-unit structure.

The Villa tower will be a luxury apartment complex, with 400 to 600 apartments.

The Plaza will offer 600 to 800 units in two towers, each with a 400 to 500-unit building.

Both towers will offer balconies on the first floor.

The third tower will include a residential unit and an office space.

The units will be located on the ground floor.

It’s not known how many units will end up in each tower, although the developer did state that it is planned to have one-bedroom units at the Villa with 1,000 square feet of living space, and one- and two-bedroom options on the Plaza.

Bella Vista will include 1,600 hotel rooms and apartments, and 1,400 parking spaces. 

The project is located on land owned by the Miami-Dade Development Corporation.

The Miami-Herald is reporting that the developer plans to build the villas in two phases.

The first phase, called the “Villages” will have three-story buildings with about 6,500 square feet on the second floor, with the villa at the top of the third building.

The second phase, which will be known as “The Villages,” will have one building at the base of the tower with 600 square feet and another building at ground level with 500 square feet.

The company will sell all units to buyers. 

The developer also plans to offer luxury apartments and townhomes in the buildings, which it will rent to tourists.

It will also develop restaurants and a fitness center. 

More from Miami Business | The Miami Herald: The Miami Development Corporation’s new $1 billion luxury development is coming to Miami-Heritage, The Post’s John Gallagher reports.


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