A new house in the woods

A new house in the woods

A house is up for sale in the wildwood in rural Virginia, and it’s an old one.

It’s a house built in 1926, in what is now a small farming community.

It’s one of the most remarkable homes in Virginia, according to the American Architectural Society.

In addition to being a great example of American design, it’s also the oldest surviving house in Virginia.

And it was built on a site that has been preserved for generations.

That’s why it’s attracting so much interest.

“We have a lot of people coming in and wanting to buy,” said Bill O’Brien, a longtime resident of the property.

“It’s a great community property.

I’ve been here for 45 years.

I live in a very small house in a community that has a very large community.”

The house, named Wildwood, is on the edge of a hill overlooking the woods.

The first floor is on a hillside overlooking the hills.

The second floor is a shed on the right side of the house, which also houses a kitchen and dining room.

There’s a pool.

A large front yard.

It also has a large outdoor deck with a deck and patio.

“There’s lots of trees here,” O’Connor said.

“You can hear birds.”

Wildwood has been around for more than 100 years.

In 1926, a farm boy bought it for $10 and built a barn on top.

But the barn didn’t last long.

A fire in that barn destroyed it in 1930.

That destroyed the house.

And so in the 1950s, a man bought the land from a farmer and built the farm he and his wife own today.

They bought it in 1992, after moving from another farm in nearby Loudoun County, and they have maintained it since.

They renovated the home several times and have been renovating it ever since.

“When I got here, it was like a big new house,” said owner William Burchfield.

“But it’s just been like this ever since.”

When Burchfields first came to town, he said, there was a lot more attention on rural land than there is now.

Now, he sees it as part of a larger trend of changing trends.

“People are trying to live in nature, to live with nature, and nature is changing and changing, and the more nature is living, the more the land becomes open,” Burchfeild said.

“It’s like a river in this country is moving from one river to another,” he said.

Wildwood is a great house, O’Bryan said.

It has a great layout, a great view, and is on what is essentially an open lot, a lot that is a farm.

It is a community property.

“The family has been in the home for 40 years.”

I want to stay here.””

I want to be here, in a house, and I don’t think I’m ready to go back.

I want to stay here.”

The buyer wants to buy for $5 million, and O’ Bryan said he thinks the house is worth more than that.

O’Banyles father is the one who built the house and he’s in charge of the renovations.

He said he and Burchford, a retired farmer, have been in charge for decades of maintenance, maintenance that’s being done in conjunction with an annual $2 million grant from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

“He’s going to get it done.

He’s going, ‘You know, this is what I’m going to do,'” said O Banyles son, Brian O’Brendan.

“We’re going to have it cleaned out, and we’re going do it with a new paint job.

That’s how much he likes it.”


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