How to save on rent in midtown apartment buildings

How to save on rent in midtown apartment buildings

By Sarah Ditum/ The Washington Times”The best apartment dog in mid-town is the little red one,” said Matt, a red-haired pup who lives in the Westin Hyatt on the National Mall.

“He’s so friendly and affectionate, and he’ll even eat a sandwich at my house, even though I don’t like him.”

Matt is the latest in a long line of loyal customers who have become regulars at the Hyatt, which is also home to several dog parks.

His friend, Ben, lives in an apartment on Pennsylvania Avenue.

“It’s a really good dog,” said Ben, who is six months old.

“I love the people at the hotel and they are always happy to see him.

He’s so easygoing, but he’s also so energetic and he’s really good with people.

He is just a perfect companion.”

The Hyatt’s main attraction is its pet-friendly amenities, including a dog park with a large pool, a play area for kids, a dog run and even a “playroom” where the family can get together and play.

But the restaurant and bar, the bar, even the kitchen are all dog-friendly.

The dining area is dog-proofed and the bar has a separate dog area, so it is a dog-free zone, too.

The restaurant has a full-service bar, including draft beers and draft cocktails.

The Hyatts is also a dog haven, with two dog parks, a free “dog-friendly” dog walk, a new dog-play area, an indoor dog spa and even the option of “dog therapy” for the canine companions.

“I’ve got a dog, but I like having him around,” said Chris, a three-year-old Belgian shepherd mix who lives with his parents at the Hilton Washington DC.

“It’s so cool to see a dog with a heart and I love seeing it in the park.”

“We have a dog in the bar,” said Sarah, who said she has been staying at the bar for six months.

“We love our dog.”

In addition to the dog parks and bars, the Hyatts has a pet-friendliness center, a kennel and a “puppy park” that offers up to six puppies for $1.50 each, as well as a “pet-friendly area” where owners can bring their pets to play with their dogs, and a separate kennels where owners are welcome to bring their own dogs.

The Hyatt also offers “cat and dog parks” for cats, as is the case at the Westins and the Hyats.

“We don’t charge the dogs, but we do charge the cats, and we charge the kennell,” said Mary, a 24-year old female dog.

“So it’s free for both.

There are also pet-free areas in the hotel, in the Hyatts and the Westats.””

It feels like a home, and there’s just something about it,” said Emily, a 12-year dog.

She said she loves being around dogs and that they “keep you company.”

She said she likes that the dog owners are nice, and that it’s nice to be around people.

“They’re nice people, and they’re nice dogs,” she said.

“You just get along with them.”

For the dog lovers, the restaurant has many dog-themed dishes.

The menu includes a steak and cheese platter, a “dog bowl” that has a salad with three dogs and a bowl of chicken wings with a red onion sauce, a chicken and green onion salad with grilled chicken, a chili dog bowl with a chili sauce and a chili soup, a pooch stew and a pooh bowl.

A “dog” salad has a kale, spinach, celery and baby spinach salad with two dogs, a salad of carrots and cabbage and a chicken salad.

The dogs also have two salads made from a combination of chicken, lettuce and red onion.

The salad has the recipe for “Dog Soup” with chicken, celeriac, mustard, onions, carrots and tomatoes, and the recipe is for “Lucky Dog Soup.”

The food is also good, said Emily.

“The dishes are really good, especially the dog bowls,” she admitted.

“But we always have something to add.

We have a lot of different dog-based dishes that we do, and you can get the whole meal and just have it all together.””

The dog menu is so diverse and I don´t know if I can keep up with all the things that are on the menu,” said Amanda, a two-year female dog who lives at the Midtown hotel.

“A lot of the dogs are so young, and so friendly, and I just think it’s really nice that you can bring a new one into your home.”

“I really like the food at the restaurant,” said Ashley, a 10


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