‘What we want to do is be a little bit more inclusive’: New apartment rental agency offers $30,000 to tenants with disabilities

‘What we want to do is be a little bit more inclusive’: New apartment rental agency offers $30,000 to tenants with disabilities

NEWPORT — A new apartment rental service called RIDLE offers $29,000 for a single tenant with disabilities who wants to live in a community that is less accessible.

The service, which offers apartments ranging from $350,000, to $500,000 with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and two-car garages, is now available in New England.

RIDLE was started in Portland and Portlandia, which are now in the process of expanding to a dozen cities.

It has offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul and San Antonio.

“It’s about people who need a little more of an outlet for expressing themselves, a little less of a burden, and a little room to live,” said RIDL spokeswoman Rebecca Miller.

“It’s a place where you can make a statement, where you have something to say, and people will take you seriously, so that’s a good thing.”

The RIDLA website also states: “RIDL offers a diverse range of apartments that are accessible for the entire community.

RID LA is committed to ensuring that the lives of its residents are protected, and our mission is to provide affordable housing for all of New England’s residents.””

If you have a disability, it’s a big deal.

It’s not just about you,” Miller added.”

I would just say that the people who are going to use this, they’re going to come in from all different walks of life, and we are trying to be inclusive and supportive,” said the Portlandia star.

The Portlandia cast, along with other stars, spoke to the program, including comedian and Portland-based writer/director Josh Homme.

Homme has also starred in the film, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” which also features the Portland cast.

He said RIDE has been a hit for his group.

“People are looking for places to live.

They’re looking for things to do,” Homme said.”

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to get a place.

There’s people who don’t even know they need a place,” he added.RIDE is now accepting applications for tenants who qualify, with the aim of opening as early as September, said Miller.

Miller said RODL has received more than 500 applications so far, but they are currently focused on the next two cities.

The company, which is also in the business of renting studio apartments in New York City, has been featured in the Netflix show, “Portlandia.”

Miller said the RIDLES service is a way for the community to show their support.

“It was important to us that we not just be inclusive, but we be welcoming,” Miller said.

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