The most expensive apartments in America

The most expensive apartments in America

The most luxurious homes in the US are now in the hands of developers and homeowners, and they’re all on sale.

Auckland’s most expensive apartment, a mansion with four bedrooms, went on sale in December, and the property, on a 2.5-acre plot, is the most expensive residential property in New Zealand. 

It comes with a six-bedroom penthouse and has been bought by Mr Howard who moved to Auckland from the UK with his wife in 2013.

The property was the first home he bought in the city.

He said the property was built in the 1930s and was “one of the best preserved houses in the world”.

“I was blown away by the design,” he said.

“We were told that this was one of the finest houses in New York City.”

Mr Howard bought the property in January 2018, just two months before the market crashed, after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand cut interest rates.

“The first thing I did was call up my accountant, and it was $20,000, $25,000,” he told The Sunday Times.

The property’s owners have a history of working together, and a number of them have been in business together for more than 20 years.

The home is located at the corner of East Bay Avenue and West Lake Avenue in Milton, which is adjacent to the waterfront.

Mr Howard said the family has always maintained good relationships with developers.

“They’ve always been in our corner,” he explained.

“I think the biggest issue for us, it was a lot of people telling us to go buy the property.”

He also had some reservations about the property’s location.

“The property has a lot to do with the city of Milton,” he added.

“You can’t go anywhere on the waterfront.”

Mr Howard is one of a number owners who bought properties in the area and then moved to Milton.

The new owners said the new location gave them the opportunity to expand and redevelop the property.

“There’s more development going on in the neighbourhood,” he noted.

“[We] can grow the market, grow the population.

We’ve done a lot more of that.”

The house was first listed in May 2017, with a price tag of $21.4 million.

It is located in the North Shore suburb of Milton, near the beach, and is owned by property developer and entrepreneur, Willard Howard.

The first floor of the house features a large pool, a private dining room and a separate laundry room.

Mr Harris said the home had been well-received by locals, and many had come to see it.

“It’s a great property, but I think the community was really impressed with the house,” he admitted.

“Everyone wants to see the next great property.

It’s a really cool thing.”

Mr Harris and his wife have been selling their house for about two years, and plan to move into the new property.


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